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"Tohen Media" provides Internet Content and Presence Services, such as Web sites Management, generating text, audio and video content, as well as Conversation Marketing and Reputation Management.

"Tohen Media" activities based on in-depth acquaintance with the Internet world, constant tracking on new trends and their implementation.  

 Internet content
Internet content is one of the most important medium that business or organization can use. This medium allows the target audience to rescive relevant information directly, without mediators.
"Tohen Media" specializes in providing Internet content services for companies and organizations.

Among other services we generate and edit text, audio and video internet content as well as producing stills pictures and audio podcasts. 


Presence Services

At the beginning, the Internet was a collection of sites with no connection or interaction between them.

Today, it has become the place for Millions of users worldwide. On the net, They meet, talk, buy, consult, find love and some of then even live there a parallel life.

Tohen Media believe's that success on the internet depends on presence in it. We all get out of from our home, and we should all get out from our Homepage.

Internet activity is measured not only in good website, but also in creating presence on Web sites, forums, communities, social networks and other relevant platforms. 


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